CBSE Important Questions For Class 6

CBSE Important Questions for Class 6 includes both short and long type questions and are mainly prepared by the subject experts, professors and other faculty members of the concerned departments. We at BYJU’S provide chapter wise important questions to help students in their exam preparation. Here students can either practise these CBSE Important questions for Class 6 by accessing them either online or by downloading the pdf files to prepare for their exams.

Generally, students suffer from lack of confidence, phobia of not scoring well in their exams. So it is advisable for all students to practice these important questions to gain their confidence in their preparations. Based on the latest trends on the question paper format, we have tried to adhere to the question types as much as possible.  Students who solve these CBSE  Class 6 Important questions will find it easier to score high marks.

For more detail information on Important questions for Class 6, click on the below pdf links.





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