JEE Main Question Paper with Solutions and Answer Keys

JEE Main question papers are one of the important and very useful study materials for preparing effectively for the national level entrance exam. Generally, the past question papers are available on the official website and students can download them to practice solving questions. While candidates can visit the official website we at BYJU’S are making the process more simple.

Here, we are providing a wide collection of question papers for JEE Main including year wise papers so that candidates can access all of them in one place. JEE candidates need not visit separate pages for different questions. Students will be able to easily refer to the past question papers of JEE Main.

JEE Main Question Papers

Students can freely download the JEE Main previous year question paper PDFs along with their solutions. They will also find JEE Main answer keys which candidates can refer to know the correct answer. All in all, candidates can access and download previous year IIT JEE question papers with solutions from the links provided on this page.

JEE Main 2021 4th Session Memory-based Paper Discussion

JEE Main August 26 Paper Solutions

JEE Main August 26 Paper Solutions

JEE Main August 27 Paper Solutions

JEE Main August 27 Paper Solutions

JEE Main August 31 Paper Solutions

JEE Main August 31 Paper Solutions

The JEE Main 2021 question papers with solutions for the February attempt are given below.

JEE Main 2021 Paper with Solutions – February 24

JEE Main 2021 LIVE Paper Solutions 24-Feb Shift-1 Memory-Based

JEE Main 2021 Maths Solutions

JEE Main 2021 LIVE Maths Paper Solutions 24-Feb Shift-1

JEE Main 2021 Chemistry Solutions

JEE Main 2021 LIVE Chemistry Paper Solutions 24-Feb Shift-1

JEE Main 2021 Physics Solutions

JEE Main 2021 LIVE Physics Paper Solutions 24-Feb Shift-1

March Session

JEE Main 2021 Paper with Solutions – March 16th

JEE Main 2021 Paper with Solutions – March 17th

JEE Main 2021 Paper with Solutions – March 18th

JEE Main 2021 Paper with Solutions – July (3rd) Session

JEE Main 2021 July Session Memory-based Paper Discussion

July 20 Shift 1 Paper Solutions

JEE Main 2021 LIVE 20 July Paper Solutions Shift-1

July 22 Shift 2 Paper Solutions

JEE Main 2021 LIVE 22 July Paper Solutions Shift-2

JEE Main 2021 Session 4 Question Paper with Solutions

JEE Main 2021 Paper with Solutions – August 26

JEE Main 2021 Paper with Solutions – August 27

JEE Main 2020 Question Paper

The JEE Main 2020 question papers for the January attempt have been uploaded here. Students can download and view the paper along with the solutions.

Also Check Out: JEE Main 2020 Answer Keys

JEE Main 2019 Question Paper

JEE Main 2019 question papers for both January and April exams can be downloaded from the table below.  Students will also find the solutions for the questions which they can refer to and check whether they have answered correctly or not.

Question Papers for JEE Main January Exam

Question Papers for JEE Main April Exam

Additional JEE Main 2019 Question Papers

JEE Main Question Paper 2018

The 2018 question papers are provided below. Students can access all the question paper sets.

Subject-wise Question Paper

Candidates can also access JEE Main 2018 subject-wise question paper below.

JEE Main 2017 Question Paper

If we take a look at the paper for 2017 JEE Main it consisted of 4 sets (A, B, C & D) of papers. There were a total of 90 objective type questions where 30 questions were asked from each subject – Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. As for the weightage of marks,  the paper was based out of 360 marks. 4 marks were awarded for the correct answer while  1 mark was deducted for every incorrect answer. However, no marks were allocated for questions that were answered.

Students will find the JEE Main 2017 paper along with solutions and answer keys from the links given below.

JEE Main Question Papers With Solutions and Answer Keys 2017

JEE Main Paper 2017 8th April Online JEE Main Paper 2017 9th April Online
Chemistry Chemistry
Physics Physics
Mathematics Mathematics

JEE Main Paper 2017 Solutions

JEE Main Paper 2017 Answer Keys

JEE Main 2016 Question Paper

JEE Main 2016 question paper (E, F, G & H) consisted OF 4 sets of papers. A total of 90 questions (360 marks) with 30 questions from each Chemistry, Maths, and Physics were asked in the question paper. As for the marking scheme, every correct answer was allotted 4 marks while for every incorrect answer 1 mark was deducted. In case of a question that remained un-attempted, no marks were deducted. The JEE Main Paper 2016 question paper PDFs with solutions and answer keys can be downloaded from the links given below.

JEE Main Question Papers With Solutions and Answer Keys 2016

JEE Main Question Paper 2016 Solutions

JEE Main Paper 2016 Answer keys

JEE Main 2015 Question Paper

A total number of 4 sets were present in 2015 JEE Main question paper (A, B, C & D). The question paper also consisted of 90 questions where the three sections of Chemistry, Maths and Physics had 30 questions each. As seen on other papers, 4 marks were awarded for the right answer while a deduction of 1 mark was carried out for the wrong answer. Meanwhile,  unanswered questions carried zero marks.

Download JEE Main 2015 Papers with answer keys and solutions by clicking on the links given below.

JEE Main Question Papers With Solutions and Answer Keys 2015

JEE Main Paper 2015 Solutions

JEE Main Paper 2015 Answer Keys

JEE Main 2014 Question Papers with Solutions

In JEE Main 2014 there were a total of 4 sets of question papers (E, F, G & H). The question paper consisted of a total number of 90 questions. 30 questions were asked from each subject which included Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. Students who answered the question correctly were awarded 4 marks while an incorrect answer attracted a deduction of 1 mark. However, no negative marking was given for any unattempted questions.

Students can download JEE Main 2014 paper along with detailed solutions and answer keys by clicking the links given below.

JEE Main 2014 Question Paper Offline Exam

JEE Main 2014 Paper Online Exam

JEE Main Solutions 2014

JEE Main Answer Keys 2014

These JEE Main papers will be useful for the candidates especially in learning about the exam, how it is conducted as well as the question paper pattern. Instead of wasting time on solving unnecessary questions, it’s better to focus on the standardized JEE Main question paper that we have provided here. It is one of the best ways to prepare for the JEE Main 2021 exam. Aspirants after they are done with their preparation should test their knowledge and preparation level by solving these question papers.

Key Benefits Of Solving JEE Main Question Paper

There are several benefits of this study exercise.

  • It enhances the speed of solving questions and time management skills.
  • It helps candidates to gain insight into the JEE Main exam pattern.
  • Understand the type of questions and marking scheme.
  • Helps in analyzing the preparation level.
  • Gives an idea about the real exam scenario.
  • Enhances exam temperament and boosts confidence.
  • Gives an idea about the topics important for JEE Main from an examination point of view.
  • JEE Main paper helps in understanding the Exam pattern and its level of difficulty.

JEE Main Question Paper Analysis And Exam Pattern

In addition to solving the question papers, candidates can also go through the JEE Main question paper analysis to know more about how the questions are set, their difficulty level, topics covered and more. It will be helpful for candidates who are gearing up to write the JEE Main 2021 exams.

Students can also go through the JEE Main exam pattern to know more about the exam and also get an idea of how the question paper will be set.

JEE Main Sample Papers

We at BYJU’S are also offering a comprehensive set of JEE Main sample papers to further help students or JEE candidates enhance their problem-solving skills. The sample papers are based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus. Students can also download JEE Main Mathematics chapter wise question papers to sharpen their skills.

JEE Main Mock Test

Apart from the previous year IIT JEE question papers, another effective way to prepare for the exams is by taking the mock tests. These tests are mainly based on the real exam pattern and they offer the right knowledge as to how the exams are conducted and how the papers are set. Students can either download the mock tests paper and solve it on their own or they can take the test online.  Find more details about the JEE Main mock tests at BYJU’S.

About JEE Main

JEE Main 2021 is the first phase of IIT JEE. It is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on a yearly basis and the exam is held in two sessions – in the months of January and April. The exam is held on a national level mainly for providing admissions in different undergraduate courses that are offered at premier engineering institutions such as IITs, NITs, GFITs amongst others.  Alternatively, it is also a qualifying exam for JEE Advanced.

Every year millions of students appear for JEE Main. Hence, the level of competition is intense and the exam is also rated as one of the toughest engineering entrance tests at the undergraduate level. This is primarily due to the vastness of the syllabus and the questions asked in the exams are tricky. All in all, students have to be well-prepared for the exam and they need to put a lot of effort to succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions On JEE Main Question Paper?

What is the examination mode of JEE Main?

JEE Main exam will be conducted mainly through an online mode where the exam will be held as a computer-based test. Paper-1 will be entirely in computer-based mode whereas in Paper-2 Mathematics and Aptitude Test will be computer-based while the Drawing exam will be Pen and Paper-based.

What kind of questions can I expect in JEE Main?

The questions in JEE Main are mostly of multiple-choice type and covers all the three science subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Will I get a copy of the questions papers and my responses?

Yes, candidates can get a hold of their recorded answers. The responses for both Paper 1 and Paper 2 along with the questions of each paper will be electronically mailed to the candidates’ registered email ids.

How to develop better skills for solving JEE Questions?

The best and effective way to develop better skills for tackling JEE Main question is to solve a maximum number of question papers be it sample papers or previous year papers, etc. Candidates can also take up mock tests as well. All these study exercises will help aspirants get familiar with the paper patterns and they will know how to answer the questions during the real exam. Further, JEE Main sample papers and mock tests are usually available online on the official website of the exam conducting body. Many coaching institutes also distribute question papers for practice.

What is the medium of JEE Main question paper?

JEE Main question paper will be set in a bilingual medium. The paper will come in 13 different languages.

How many times can I attempt JEE Main 2021?

Candidates can attempt JEE Main a total of 4 times in 2021. The exam will be held in four sessions starting from February and will be held in March, April and May.