CBSE Class 5

The Central Board of Secondary Education is in charge of a large portion of our countries school accreditation. Their aim is to provide students with a simple yet effective study plan and syllabus such that there is a child-centred, stress-free and holistic educational system. The CBSE is responsible for the conduction of the exams, updating the curriculum and improving the standard of education in the country.

CBSE Class 5

CBSE Class 5 is where students start to build a strong foundation of basics and cement the skills that they have gained throughout their lower primary school in preparation of upper primary classes. Thus it is vital for every child to clear their class 5th with outright understanding. Moving on from whole numbers to topics like decimals, lines and angles and more, class 5 offers a simple yet interesting range of topics. Moreover, environmental studies (EVS) is called by the name of science from class 5th. To help you understand the topics of class 5 and more, register to BYJU’S as we have the latest syllabus, question papers, sample papers.

Below are the links to CBSE Class 5, syllabus, GK Questions, textbooks and unseen passages.

CBSE Notes for Class 5

To prepare well for the exam you need to understand the concepts in an easy and interesting way. You need to finish your studies weeks before the exam so that you have enough time to revise. Below we have provided the study material for class 5 maths and science syllabus. Students can also go through the list of CBSE essays and unseen passages to improve their English subject.

  • CBSE Class 5 Maths

Maths is the most important subject in any class. You have an opportunity to score out of out marks in this subject. Mathematics might be easy for some students but tough and boring for a lot of students. This could be because of the educators teaching techniques or confusion to solve a problem with a particular method while it has multiple ways. At BYJU’S, syllabus of class 5 maths is explained with easy step by step solutions and tricks to remember. The following topics are covered: The Fishtail, Shapes and Angles, How many Squares?, Parts and Wholes, Does it look the same? Be my multiple, I’ll be your factor, Can you see the pattern?, Mapping your way, Boxes and Sketches, Tenths and Hundredths, Area and its Boundary, Smart Charts, Ways to multiply and divide, How big? How heavy?. Download NCERT Book for Class 5 maths to prepare and score well in the exam.

  • CBSE Class 5 Science Notes

Science is one of the important subjects in any class. Students who wish to pursue a career in the engineering field or medical field should take this subject seriously. Science might be easy for some students but tough for a lot of students as there are many labelled diagrams, laws, chemical names, structure and reactions to remember. At BYJU’S, syllabus of class 5 maths is explained with easy step by step solutions and tricks to remember. The topics cover are the following: Super Senses, A Snake Charmer’s story, From Tasting to Digesting, Mangoes Round the Year, Seeds and Seeds, Every Drop Counts, Experiments with Water, A treat for Mosquitoes, Up you Go!, Walls tell Stories, Sunita in Space, What if it finishes…?, A Shelter to High!, When the Earth Shook!, Blow Hot Blow Cold, Who will do this work?, Across the Wall, No Place for Us, A Seed tells a Farmer’s Story, Whose Forests?, Like Father Like Daughter, On the Move again. Download NCERT Class 5 Science Book to prepare and score well in the exam.

CBSE Question Papers for Class 5

To score well in the exam it is very important to practice thoroughly. Solving chapter wise exercises, sample question papers, practice worksheets will help you become perfect with the topics.

Importance of Solving Question Papers:

  • You get an idea of the exam paper pattern
  • The question paper covers the entire syllabus
  • You get to know your level of preparation for the exam. So it is always better to finish studying weeks before your exam
  • It helps to improve your speed
  • Your confidence level increases

We have given the links below to which will help you to easily download the question paper:

For more information on CBSE exams, syllabus and notifications, stay tuned with BYJU’S. At BYJU’S, CBSE students are also provided with the latest sample papers, question papers, worksheets and other exam materials to help them learn in a better way.

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