CBSE Maths Extra Questions Class 9

Students can avail the CBSE Maths extra questions Class 9, which will be helpful for exam preparation. These CBSE Class 9 Maths extra questions are given for assisting students in the Maths subject. The key to understanding the Maths subject is to solve as many numbers of questions as possible. Practising the Maths extra questions for CBSE Class 9 will ensure a good score in the examination.

Importance Of Maths Extra Questions For Class 9

  • Having these CBSE Class 9 Maths extra questions handy will be beneficial to students in the long run
  • Every chapter has some fundamental, but important concept which requires questions to be solved on that in order to retain the information, which, these CBSE extra questions of Class 9 Maths will take care of.
  • Students are advised to practice these questions on a regular basis in order to yield fruitful results
  • These CBSE extra questions of Class 10 Maths are arranged in proper order according to the student’s convenience
  • The graphical representation may also be available in some questions as it will help students understand the questions in a better way.

Students are recommended to check out the below Class 9 extra questions for CBSE students for the Maths subject.

  1. A tossing of two coins simultaneously ten times will result for how many times of heads showing up?
  2. GIven is a family’s monthly expenditure, plot a bar graph on the given data
Heads Expenditure(in thousand rupees)
Groceries 5
Rentals 6
Education 6
Medicine 3
Fuel 3
Entertainment 2
Miscellaneous 2
  1. The decrease in the diameter of a sphere of 30% will result in what percent decrement in the surface area?
  2. The ratio of the sides of a triangle is 4:6:8 and the perimeter is 400 m. Calculate the area
  3. Show by construction the perpendicular bisector of a line segment.
  4. Show with an explanation that a cyclic parallelogram is also a rectangle.
  5. Prove that the diagonals divide the parallelogram into 4 triangles of equal area.
  6. Find out is 7+3x is one of the factor of
    \(\begin{array}{l}3x^{3}+7x\end{array} \)
  7. Show that
    \(\begin{array}{l}x^{3}+y^{3}+z^{3}=3xyz\end{array} \)
    if x+y+z=0
  8. How can
    \(\begin{array}{l}\sqrt{5}\end{array} \)
    be represented in the number line.
  9. What is the primary and secondary data?
  10. Name the quadrilateral that is formed by the angle bisectors of a parallelogram.
  11.  What is the median of the following numbers, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 8, 8, 11, 4?

It is recommended for students to solve these CBSE Class 9 Maths extra questions as a revision of the exam preparation done prior.

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