CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes

Class 12 final exams are considered as the turning point in an student’s life. This is the stage where students earn their very first credential which can be showcased to potential employers and also for higher educational opportunities. It is also the stage where students can potentially make or break their careers. Therefore, paramount importance should be given to how students learn.

Why Is Class 12 Revision Important?

A student’s learning process is not complete without revision. From an academic perspective, revision helps the student to revise and recall information. The implications of this are very obvious during exams – students that fail to revise are more prone to distorting information and committing mistakes. They also develop stress and anxiety which can hinder their performance in the exam. Furthermore, students may take longer to recall information – and time is especially precious during exams. Therefore, revision is a very important aspect and should not be ignored.

Why Should You Opt for BYJU’S?

BYJU’S CBSE Revision notes are the best among the bunch. We have condensed the most important topics, concepts, formulas, derivations into a concise format that will enable the students to recall and reinforce concepts at the last moment. Furthermore, we provide useful tips and tricks that you can implement in your exams that may help save valuable time. We have also provided links to in-depth content on our website just in case you wanted to delve deeper into any of the various topics. Explore the various disciplines in Science and Commerce for Class 12 by clicking on the below links.

Keep learning and stay tuned with BYJU’S for the latest update on CBSE/ICSE/State Board/Competitive Exams. Also, download the BYJU’S App for interactive study videos.

Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes

How can a student score maximum marks in CBSE Class 12 exam?

1. NCERT Book syllabus preparation 2. Sample question paper practice 3. Previous year question paper practise 4. Last minute revision using Notes

Which subject is the most difficult in CBSE Class 12 Board exam?

All subjects in both Science and commerce stream require equal concentration and practise. With constant revision any subject can become easy for the student.

How can a sudent revise in the last minute for Board exam?

CBSE Class 12 notes are available in all subjects and these will come in handy for last minute revision for students.

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